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Acclaro DFSS

Acclaro DFSS Features

Key Features:  Summary | VOC | AD | QFD | FMEA | TRIZ

Full featured, Integrated, Easy to Use, Cost Effective.

Do you need DFSS quality tools for the development of new products or systems? Equip your team with Acclaro to meet the following needs in managing the process of successful design and development:

  • Support a VOC process for requirements capture and analysis.
  • Collaborate at the conceptual design phase, the earliest possible timeframe.
  • Introduce a systematic process for design synthesis (before Document-Build-Test cycles.)
  • Analyze design quality with QFD, TRIZ, FMEA and other DFSS tools BEFORE committing to the cost of CAD cycles.
  • Enable your design team to track the complete traceability from the Customer Needs to Requirements to Design Logic to Final Designs.
  • Visualize and quantify impact assessments when requirements change.

    Acclaro DFSS® software provides groupware solutions for all these needs. Acclaro software is full featured practical, interactive tool with an optional multi-user backend, designed for out of the box productivity.

    Click on the following Acclaro DFSS tools to compare our features to the competition:

    Voice of the Customer (VOC) Capture

    Axiomatic Design

    Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

    Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

    Innovation Tools (TRIZ)

    SUMMARY of Acclaro DFSS key features by function:

    Features to apply DFSS quality processes to the design process

  • Axiomatic Design - full functional decompositions with design matrix functionally dependency analysis.
  • FMEA analysis - risk assessment per QS-9000 standards and AIAG FMEA rev 3.
  • TRIZ module - solve inventive problems in a systematic way
  • QFD module - a full function house of quality
  • VOC module - track and link VOCs using Microsoft Word (TM) documents

    Features to capture and manage requirements

  • Customer Needs Capture: What are the voice of the customer (VOC) needs
  • Functional Requirements Capture: Formatted text capture
  • Design Parameter capture: Formatted text capture
  • Functional Requirements Decomposition: Implement zigzagging and decomposition trees to capture and track design logic
  • Design history tracking: Keep running list of changes to the design at FR, DP, PV or CN levels

    Features for promoting design collaboration

  • Design visualization with graphical representations
  • Design Branch Export and Merge: support geographically separate workgroups
  • Multiuser support with Oracle or SQL backends

    Features to plan, estimate and control conceptual design

  • Change Impact Assessment: Change requirement(s) and instantly see the ripple effect through your design
  • Model Flow diagrams: to understand optimal design task sequencing

    Features for analyzing and designing better products

  • Design coupling analysis: to identify suboptimal designs
  • Design decomposition tree: to view overall design
  • Single level design matrix dependency analysis
  • Full Design Matrix (multilevel) dependency analysis

    Features for reporting and documenting design quality

  • Print or plot all design data
  • Track design decisions for historical reference
  • Track change history
  • Cut and paste designs into Microsoft Office Products

    Acclaro DFSS® software - implementing axiomatic design and other DFSS quality processes for best practices in design and development. Patents pending.

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