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Acclaro DFSS

Axiomatic Design

Key Features:  Summary | VOC | AD | QFD | FMEA | TRIZ

Acclaro DFSS is the first and still the only toolset for Axiomatic Design functional decomposition and analysis

Outstanding capability and ease of use:
  • Intuitive, simple
  • Customize cell formulas
  • Linked variables, changes ripple through
  • Context sensitive Help
  • Spell checking
Decomposition trees
  • Graphical or Text views
  • Formula or text entry options
  • Alternative DP management
  • Tree to tree linking
  • Attach risk and FMEA analysis to DPs
  • Note capture
Design matrix and coupling analysis
  • Automatic coupling analysis
  • Consistency checking
  • Pre-Planning Matrix
  • Link to TRIZ analysis
Reporting Flexibility
  • Module Diagrams
  • Flow Diagrams
  • Flow Charts
  • Cut and paste to Microsoft Office products
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV, ASCII and other data formats

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