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Acclaro DFSS

Innovation Tools (TRIZ)

Key Features:  Summary | VOC | AD | QFD | FMEA | TRIZ

Acclaro DFSS integrates the latest in interactive TRIZ software to support you in each step of your innovative problem solution synthesis process.

You will access:
  • Value added access to systematic innovation
  • Systematized tools to guide your creativity
  • Analysis tools to analyze current products
  • Simple structure to manage the complexity of system problems
  • Access the solutions of creative inventors worldwide
Expanded TRIZ feature set:
  • Problem and tool selection configuration page
  • Problem description
  • System Model
  • Resources & constraints
  • IFR/ Ideality
  • Heuristic Redefinition Process
  • Technical Contradiction matrix
  • Physical Contradiction matrix
  • Principles of Invention for the application areas of:
    Mechanical Engineering
    Food Technology
    Software Development
    Quality Management
    Ecological Design
Outstanding capability and ease of use:
  • Intuitive, simple
  • Link multiple TRIZ analysis to the problem points
  • Context sensitive Help
  • Smart context wizard to save time
  • Dynamic linking and updating
  • Build multiple analysis and tree structures
  • Multi-user collaboration options
Customize Configurations
  • Build your standard TRIZ templates
  • Preload specific data
  • No size limits

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