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Acclaro DFSS

Acclaro DFSS Testimonials

"This is a very slick software that you have created. I plan to use it extensively in my upcoming DFSS projects. Thank You."
Brian Komarisky, Master Black Belt, DaimlerChrysler Interior Component Team
"Axiomatic design is revolutionary"
Dr. Agus Sudjianto, Senior Technical Specialist, Ford Motor Company
"At Ford, axiomatic design methods have been helpful in studying design ranging from a transmission parking pawl, to system associated with vehicle drift/pull. Axiomatic design is useful in problem solving and new design applications, including design of an essentially new transmission."
Larry Smith, Quality and Reliability Manager for Full-Size Pickup and Utility Vehicles, Ford Motor Company
"We used axiomatic design to fix a flexure mechanism on a prealigner (a device that pre-aligns a wafer). Using this methodology reduced costs by 50% and improved its lifetime by 5 times. Axiomatic design forces the system architecture to be organized in a disciplined fashion so that it would meet customer's expectations."
Dan Cote, Vice President of Engineering, Lithography Division, Silicon Valley Group, Inc.

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