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Acclaro DFSS

Acclaro DFSS Q and A

These are common questions about Acclaro DFSS. If you have additional questions please search our knowledge base or contact us.

Q. How does Acclaro DFSS benefit my design effort?

A. Acclaro DFSS lets you document your requirements and then build and communicate optimal design solutions for these requirements. This will result in better designs and much faster development.

Q. What are circular dependencies and how do they impact design and development?

A. A circular relationship (Component A affects B which affects A again) creates coupling between design features. These are called circular dependencies. This is both a substandard product solution and consumes development time. A simple example: consider a rearview mirror bracket on a car. The design requirement is no natural frequency vibrations while the car is moving. If the thickness of the bracket can control the stiffness by increasing the natural frequency, then this seems like a good design feature. However, increasing the thickness will also increase weight, which lowers the natural frequency, which now requires an even thicker cross section, etc. (and potentially violates weight constraints for the vehicle) A better 'uncoupled' solution may exist, this sub-standard solution illuminated by axiomatic design analysis.

Q. No software program can design better than me.

A. Absolutely true; just as word processor programs can't write for you and spreadsheet programs can't create the math for you. Acclaro DFSS is a solution to implement axiomatic processes and record the logic of the design so this logic can be subjected to review and analysis. In large complex designs, sub-optimal decisions can be visualized and corrected earlier in the process. It is the skill of the designers that solve the problems and Acclaro DFSS will facilitate the process.

Q. Will adopting axiomatic design or DFSS tools increase my development time?

A. As mentioned by any product development Guru, catching problems early in the process is the most cost effective and time reducing development goal. What processes do you use today to guide and analyze your designs in the logical development stage before the costs of developing and testing designs in a CAD phase? With Acclaro DFSS, axiomatic analysis can be performed in hours on an existing design. Call Axiomatic Design and have us analyze a design and see what the benefits are (contact us).

Q. Is Acclaro DFSS compatible with my current development process?

A. Yes. Acclaro DFSS does not require or dictate a particular development process. Data from Acclaro DFSS is provided in .csv, .xml and other industry standard formats. Axiomatic processes are compatible with TQM, DFSS, QFD and other quality initiatives.

Q. Do I need to have 100% of my design to access the benefit of Acclaro DFSS axiomatic analysis tools?

A. No. Acclaro DFSS will let you axiomatically analyze and optimize for the design information available. Clearly, the more of the design model developed the greater the potential for identifying sub-optimal decisions.

Q. Do you offer academic pricing for Acclaro DFSS?

A. Yes. If you are a current full- or part-time student, you may purchase Acclaro DFSS at a substantial discount. To request academic pricing, you must provide your full name, school name, email, and a photocopy of your student ID.

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